The Cornerstone Church newsletter comes with news about people in the congregation, music reviews, book reviews, and much more.

May-June 2022: This issue looks at our graduates and what they hope to do in the future.

November-December 2021: The first newsletter in our new facility looks at past and future.

September-October 2021: Summer is complete, but this newsletter takes a look at some activities done this past season.

July-August 2021: We are continuing to progress toward worshipping in our new building.

May-June 2021: With the change of seasons, we catch up on everything going on.

March-April 2021: We officially start using our new name and more in this edition of the newsletter.

January-February 2021: A new year, new name, and new newsletter!

November-December 2020: Cadets, building updates, and more in this edition.

July-August 2020: Even with activity restrictions, the congregation has been busy!

May-June 2020: In this edition, we hear from graduates without graduations, home activities, and from our newest member to come to the family.

March-April 2020: Before the season finishes, we see what the children’s groups have been doing this school year.

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